2a. Methods for destroying “pause”

As promised in last post i now give you suggestion of methods for destroying pause as neurological pattern typical for Parkinson’s disease. In following text i will give methods i have found in dr. Janice Walton – Hadlock’s literature and have been practicing myself.


These are only basic methods for feeling safe. As long as you understand the basic idea, you can develop your own method. Whatever makes you feel safe and free to live is fine.

I suggest you develop a conscious perspective of what is going on in your mind and take control of it. Remember, you are master of your mind but you still haven’t admit it.

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Thank you!

4 Replies to “2a. Methods for destroying “pause””

  1. Well said!! I’m wondering if you have tried the visualization exercises yet to eliminate pause and dissociation? If so, do you like it? I have just begun reading Stuck on Pause by Dr. Janice Hadlock and I also read the appendices in her book Yin Tua Na. I haven’t read enough yet to understand the method yet so my husband has not done it yet.